Accepted Graduation Project Students

Congratulations on being accepted into the program!

Below you will find important information and resources to get back on track. Be sure to complete your intake form and return it via email to to finalize your admittance to the Graduation Project.


If you are not yet admitted into the University of New Mexico, you will need to create an account (this will be different than your NetId and Password) and apply online at At the end of your application, select the “Pay Later” option. To have your application fee waived, you MUST email with your name and UNM ID number to inform us that your application has been filed. Failure to inform us means you will be charged the admission fee.

You should receive an email from UNM’s admission’s office with an update on your admission status. Once you have received confirmation that you have been readmitted to UNM, you will likely notice an Orientation hold has been placed on your account.

As a Graduation Project student you are NOT required to complete orientation. Please call us at 505.277.0896 or send an email to informing us that the orientation hold has been placed. We will remove your orientation hold. However, any advisement holds/other departmental holds will need to be removed by the corresponding office. Once all holds are cleared, you will be eligible to register for your classes.

Net ID/LoboMail

If you have issues accessing your LoboMail or activating your UNM NetID please contact IT at 505.277.5757. 


Before registering for your classes, we ask that you meet/email your academic advisor (with your UNM Email) to find out which courses are required to complete your degree. If you are unsure who your academic advisor is, click here for a listing of Academic Advisors.

All online correspondence between the student and the university should be done via your UNM Email, and your initial email should always include your UNM ID number.

To register for your courses, log in to MyUNM with your NetID and password.

  •  Click on “Lobo Web”
  • “Registration and Records”
  • “Search Class Schedule for Classes to Add”
  • Accept financial responsibility agreement.
  • Select the semester term you are wanting to register for.
  • Click on the subject of the course you are seeking to register for (Example: Anatomy courses will be found under the Biology subject).
  • “View Sections” in the course you are searching for.

When you have found the course and section that fit your schedule, check the box and press “Register” at the bottom.

If a course that is required for your degree is full (as long as it is not a physical space limited class such as a Lab course) we may be able to over-enroll you. For over-enrollment we require your UNM ID Number, the course title, the course code and section, CRN, the instructor’s name, and the course length (16 week, first 8 week, second 8 week, or late starting). This request should be emailed to from your UNM email.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

If you believe you are receiving/are eligible for our Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), please keep in mind the dispersal of funds are at midterm (week 8-9). Questions regarding TAP must be directed to from your UNM Email.

All TAP recipients are required to email us once they have enrolled, including if you later add second eight weeks and late starting courses. This will insure we are submitting the most applicable amount of your scholarship each semester.

Financial Aid

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to apply for financial aid.  For more information, visit UNM’s Financial Aid Office.

Payment Plans

Graduation Project students who need to set up payment plans for tuition can do so online at Students must inform the Graduation Project you have created a payment plan and we will contact the Bursars office to reimburse the setup fee to your account. Students who do not let us know they have set up a payment plan in a timely manner will be held financially responsible for the full fee amount.

If you have any other questions regarding your readmission, please feel free to call us at 505.277.0896 or email us at

Congratulations, we are excited to support you all the way to your graduation ceremony!